Suven provides exploratory / discovery toxicology services to various pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies across the globe to assist them in deciding lead or candidate molecules for further development.

Discovery Tox Express

Suven presents Discovery Tox Express to generate data very rapidly to cater the need of Pharmaceutical companies to make a go/no-go decision.

In Vitro / In Vivo Toxicity Studies

  • Cytotoxicity Assay (MTT, Trypan Blue, LDH Assay)
  • Phospholipidosis Assay
  • Acute Toxicity studies in rodents
  • Single / repeat dose toxicity studies in rodents
  • Toxicokinetic studies in rodent

Genetic Toxicity Studies

  • Bacterial Reverse Mutation Assay (Ames assay- Mini / Standard / Modified)
  • In vitro Mammalian Chromosome Aberration Test
  • In vitro Micronucleus Test
  • In vivo Mammalian bone marrow Chromosomal Aberration Test
  • In vivo Mammalian Erythrocyte Micronucleus Test

Clinical Pathology

  • Hematology
  • Coagulation analysis
  • Clinical chemistry
  • Urinalysis


  • Tissue processing and slide preparation
  • Routine (H & E) and special staining techniques
  • Microscopic evaluation of slides by experienced Veterinary Pathologists
  • Image analysis